FRDM-KL27Z - issue connecting to off-board MCU.

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FRDM-KL27Z - issue connecting to off-board MCU.

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I have a FRDM-KL27Z and am trying to flash a stand-alone off-board KL27Z256VFM4 using the OpenSDA functionality. I'm using MCUXpresso on a windows pc. 

I can program the standalone board successfully using a PE Micro Multilink Universal.

I can program the KL27Z64VLH4 on the FRDM board successfully with OpenSDA.

But having cut the link under J18 on the FRDM board and connected via the 10 pin connector to the standalone board, when I attempt to flash using OpenSDA I get an error message - 


This message repeats 4 times, then I get the P&E Connection pops up. When I select about I get the following:


I've checked (several times!) the connections and the cut link, and the connecting cable.

I know the standalone board is good because I can program it using the PE Multilink universal;

I know the cable to the 10 pin connector is good, 'cos I use the same one when connecting to the FRDM board as used when connecting to the PE Multilink;

I know the OpenSDA chip on the FRDM board is good because I can load and run software to the on-board KL27Z64.

I've applied the latest software for the FRDM-KL27Z bootloader and OpenSDA from the PEMicro web site.

I've checked that I have all the latest updates for MCUXpresso ( though not yet upgraded to V11.2. But did review the list of fixes and didn't see anything that might apply.)

I've  done the equivalent of this previously with a FRDM KL25 board and a standalone KL25Z mcu, with no issues.

I want to run it through the FRDM-KL27Z because I'm streaming data through the uart to my pc and need the uart to usb connection. (For those interested I'm porting the Freescale Sensor Fusion software from a KL25Z implementation to a KL27Z board, and want to run the Sensor Fusion Toolbox on my pc so that I can monitor the sensor performance. I've got the Sensor Fusion software running, but need the Sensor Fusion toolbox to really confirm that it's performing correctly.)

But I can't persuade the OpenSDA on the FRMD-KL27Z to talk to the stand alone KL27Z256 board. I think I'm missing something fundamental but can't work it out!

Any help much appreciated!

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You will not be able to connect to an off-board device (different device) using the OpenSDA P&E firmware, see SWD Debugging with the FRDM-KL25Z Board | MCU on Eclipse. You would need the CMSIS-DAP firmware for this, e.g. see Using FRDM-K64F Board to debug another Kinetis Board | MCU on Eclipse. If you use the J-Link opensda firmware, keep in mind that the licensing terms only allow you to use it with the device on the board, not an external one.

I hope this helps,


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Thanks Erich - that got me part of the way - I can program the standalone board now through the FRDM-KL27Z.

And I understand now why it worked previously with the FRDM KL25Z - it's because the standalone board used the exact same processes as is in the FRDM board. 

But I can't get the streaming UART data back to the pc. I know my board is writing to the UART tx (code appeared good in debug, but being paranoid I checked with an oscilloscope!). 

That's really the core of what I'm trying to do here. I was already able to program my board using the multilink but that doesn't provide the comms channel back to the pc for the uart data. 

Maybe I need to code a usb interface into my board and try that.

Regards, Andy

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