Debugger disconnect behavior

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Debugger disconnect behavior

NXP Employee
NXP Employee

When the debugger disconnects from the target, you control the behavior of the target processor using the process described below.

1. Select the project in the Project Explorer


2. Refer to the following FAQ to select the Launch Configuration setting for the project

     Launch Configuration Menu

3. Ensure you are editing the setting for your project

4. In the right-hand section, ensure the Debugger tab is selected

5. Ensure you have selected the Target Configuration settings

6. Locate the Disconnect behavior settings and select the desired option from the drop down list.


Four options are supported:

  • nochange - leave the processor exactly as it is (if it was running, leave it running, if it was stopped, leave it stopped)
  • stop - stop the processor
  • cont - (continue) run the program from the current point
  • run_cont - run the program from the start (simulated reset)
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