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emWin modifying font

NXP Employee
NXP Employee
Content originally posted in LPCWare by harper23 on Wed Feb 19 08:22:30 MST 2014
I am using the version 5.18 of emWin BSP downloaded from the LPCware site. It includes the font converter that allows creating and modifying font.

I have a small XBF font consisting of just a few digits. I want to add one character (dash) to that font. For that purpose I created a new font with one character and saved it in XBF format. Each XBF file has a size of about 2 kBytes.

When I load the original XBF font file and use the menu File/Merge XBF I get a font that consist all characters I want. But when I save this font (in XBF format) the file size is 56k !

  [*]What is the best way to modify a font adding character(s)?
  [*]Why does the file size increase with the factor of about 20?
  [*]Is there any documentation for the XBF format so that I could manage the file with my own tool set?

I know I could reverse engineer the file format, but this would be too much effort and I think this would break the licensing rules. So I won't do that.
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