Lpc1769 adc glitch problem

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Lpc1769 adc glitch problem

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I have a problem with lpc1769's adc. I am trying to sample 10 hz sine wave. But there are a lot of glitches at adc Output. I try to filter adc Output for use the lpc1769's adc but it doesnt work. When ı Search this problem in the internet, some People says there is a internal hardware problem. Dou you have any Solution about this problem ? İf there is a internal hardware problem and there is no Solution for this problem, ı want to Hear that from nxp. By the way , i attach the lpc1769's adc Output for the 10 hz signal.



Thanks for your answers

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Hi all,

this problem is now confirmed in the latest ERRATA of the LPC1769.

Please have a look at ADC.3

PS: There is no real workaround. The only thing that can be done to minimize the impact is a very good PCB design on the analog side.



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