LPCXpresso54608: Out of Box & Getting Started Introduction

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LPCXpresso54608: Out of Box & Getting Started Introduction

LPCXpresso54608: Out of Box & Getting Started Introduction

First, download the LPCXpresso54608 board User Manual.  After scanning the document, let's get started!

Plug in LPCXpresso54608 (as shown below).  You will see the pre-loaded, Out of Box demo, which features Draupner TouchGFX.  A screen shot is shown below,

OOB Demo.jpg

Once you've explored the pre-loaded demo, you will likely want to learn more.  

For this you will need to configure and build an MCUXpresso Software Development Kit (SDKfor your LPCXpresso54608 development board.


Register or use your login credentials to sign in and download software from NXP.


You can create a configuration for the LPCXpresso54608 in one of two ways: By typing 'LPCXpresso54608' or selecting boards>LPC>LPCXpresso54608

Once you have selected the board you will be presented with two options: 'Select Configuration' or 'Specify Additional Configuration Settings'.

(It is recommended that you name the configuration something that specifies the settings as this will help identify multiple configurations.)


Note: By default the SDK Builder will choose IAR as the default toolchain for Windows.  For this tutorial we will use Windows as our Development Host OS.  If this is not the desired toolchain or OS please 'Select 'Specify Additional Configuration Settings'

The following window will be presented, which allows you to download an SDK for IAR, Keil or Both (selecting 'All toolchains'.).  During this stage, you can also specify any necessary middleware for your download.  You can select or deselect these under the 'Select Optional Middleware'


Select 'Go to SDK builder' once you have made your choices.


Note:You may be prompted to update your info before you are allowed to download the package. If this happens select the link in the red at the top to resolve any issues. Once the information is updated you can click on the 'Overview' at the top and reselect 'SDK Builder' to return to the screen you were on.

You have the opportunity to rename your file one last time before you hit download now. Once you select 'Download Now' you will be presented with a license agreement and once agreed to the download will start.

Once you have downloaded the packaged .zip use your favorite utility to extract to a known location

--> Continue here if IAR is your selected default toolchain.

--> Continue here if KEIL is your selected default toolchain.

--> Continue here if MCUXpresso is your selected default toolchain (coming March 2017!)

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waiting for MCUXpresso


Earlier this month, I got a chance to experience OM13092. Today, I received this amazing Development Board. But at the same time, I also found a white screen phenomenon, the system does not work. Unfortunately I haven't had time to analyze what is causing this problem.
Steps of this problem are: long press the Reset button for 3 seconds or so, then quick short press several times.

check backside JP1,it should be open

Where is MCUExpress page above? "--> Continue here if MCUXpresso is your selected default toolchain (coming March 2017!)"

Does anyone know where can I download the source/binary of the out-of-box demo (Draupner)? I recently purchased this exact dev kit (OM13092 - LPCXpresso54608), which has this particular demo preloaded. which is also the one showcase on the official get started guide and video. However, I am not able to find the source/binary of this demo.

There seems to have another newer demo for this board called Sprinkler, which binary and source are available on https://touchgfx.com/nxp-semiconductors/lpc5460x/. I have trouble compiling this demo though, which after following instructions in "TouchGFX NXP LPC54608 Board Support Package - Installation V1.5" pdf, I get the following error message:

make: *** No rule to make target `C:/nxp/TouchGFX_NPX_LPC54608_BSP/touchgfx/os/FreeRTOS8.2.0/OSWrappers.cpp', needed by `TouchGFXPort/OS/OSWrappers.o'.  Stop.

The BSP I downloaded from the link https://touchgfx.com/nxp-semiconductors/lpc5460x/ simply does not contain OSWrappers.cpp file. I don't know whether is the installation document or BSP not updated. The SDK version I generated and downloaded from SDK builder site is 2.3.1. May be the Sprinkler BSP is no longer supported with the latest SDK version, or latest SDK has broken the demo source. I have no idea where to get/generate older version of SDK for LPCExpresso54608. This is my first time using NXP platform.

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