K66 High Speed Run Tracing

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K66 High Speed Run Tracing

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I'm trying to use ETM trace with IAR and a J-Trace on a K66 in High Speed Run mode.  

Everything works great until the switch to High Speed Run Mode.  I've tried setting the SIM_SOPT2 register to set the TRACECLKSRC to 0 (This will use the MCGOUTCLK / TRACECLK divider) and setting the SIM_CLKDIV4 register to have TRACEDIV=2 and TRACEFRAC=1 for a trace clock output in HS RUN mode of 180 * (2/3) = 120, but I still am getting errors.

Are there any other tricks to switching the trace clock frequency mid debug on this processor?  Are there other registers I need to set?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


I couldn't find there need another register setting with K66 chip.

For I don't have J-Trace tool, I couldn't do on site test.

I will check with Segger engineer if there with any comment.

Thank you for the patience.

best regards,


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