Cannot modify ble gatt uuids in gatt_db.h

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Cannot modify ble gatt uuids in gatt_db.h

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Its really disappointing that, a simple change in gatt_uuid128.h is not taking effect after compiling and flashing the wireless_uart_demo code to KW40Z kit

Compiler could able to find if i add errors intentionally in gatt_db.h, gatt_uuid128.h and gatt_database.c. But if i change  uuids it does not reflect after flashing the binary to the kit

I am using an Android app to discover services and characteristics advertised by the kit, no matter how many modifications i do in the db files, discovered services by android app never changes 

Can someone help please ?

I am using IAR compiler and cloned the uart demo code using kinetis cloner

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Chandra,

Could you please clean all the project? and make sure that the output for configuration was deleted.

Then, selected make again for creating new files.

Of course, the app to discover services should be closed and opened again.

Let me know your findings.


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