Issue with CW IDE Version 5.7.1844 and C++

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Issue with CW IDE Version 5.7.1844 and C++

Contributor I
I have got the CW IDE Version 5.7.1844 CW compiler and Coldfire 5275 CVM processor.  I am using Professional Edition of CW development Studio. I wanted to compile my C++ application and it couldn't recognise C++ keyword. Started giving all sorts of errors. But after few days, without any change it started working fine.
Today, I again wanted to compile my application and again it is not recognisng C++ keyword. Is it a known issue with this CW? Any workaround for this??
Thanks in advance for your time.
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Specialist III


This is usually happening when you are returning back to Special Edition license.
C++ support is not included in special edition.

Did you use a temporary license? Perhaps the temporary license has expired.

If this does not help,  I would suggest you to submit a service request at

Make sure to attach the license file you are currently using and specify where you installed the license file.


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