Basic P1022 Programing

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Basic P1022 Programing

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Hello, I am a beginner with QorIQ processors.


I have a custom board which uses the P1022 Processor.


I have downloaded eclipse (JUNO) and installed the Code Warrior Configuration Suite in it.


However i am not able to understand how to use it for Downloading the developed codes into the processor (I am using the USB TAP Emulator).


Can anyone explain to me the difference between the eclipse with Code Warrior Configuration Suite and Code Warrior 10.3 IDE with Code Warrior Configuration Suite.


Is it necessary that Code Warrior IDE be used to download the codes into the P1022 Processor?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


to be able to download and debug code to your board, you should use CodeWarrior Development Studio v10 for Power Architecture® Technology (Eclipse) which is available on this link.

Code Warrior Configuration Suite is a tool that can be installed on Eclipse or CodeWarrior for Power Architecture an allow you to config some components for your board: DDR Memory, DPAA, Device Tree and PBL.