Load the program in batch for S08

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Load the program in batch for S08

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Hi team!

I am using MCU MC9S08PT for our product
My problem now is that when the mass production (Average 500,000pcs / year), now workers have to load the program one by one (Using CodeWarrior and Multilink Universal FX), it takes too much time and does not reach production capacity.
Is there a better way for us? For example, program loader 1 for many products
Note: We change the design constantly for different products so do not pre-load firmware from the supplier

Thank you.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Le,


An option would be to use Cyclone-FX for production programming. Programming may be launched by a single button press without a host PC or automatically from a PC via the automated control SDK.


Also, please check the Flash File to Target feature of Codewarrior. You can find more information in

CodeWarrior Development Studio Common Features Guide.


I hope this helps.


Have a great day,

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