Share your FreeMASTER dashboard designs, get a free board!

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Share your FreeMASTER dashboard designs, get a free board!

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Share your FreeMASTER dashboard designs, get a board!


Calling all FreeMASTER fans!


Are you an experienced FreeMASTER user who has already created custom dashboards, or are you an HTML/Javascript coder who is new to this great tool and keen to share your creative ideas? With all the possibilities that resources such as jqWidgets, Google, PrimeUI, Plotly.js combined with FreeMASTER offer for creating engaging dashboards to control and/or demo your application, we'd love you to share your creations with the NXP Community. We are giving away* 50 NXP evaluation boards (20 each of the i.MX RT1020 and LPC55S28 EVKs, and 10 of the S32K144EVB) as a thank you to those of you who are willing to share your dashboards with our community.


If you aren’t familiar with FreeMASTER dashboard coding yet don’t despair! Our upcoming, 4-part series on FreeMASTER should tell you what you need to know. The webinar series starts with introductory sessions then moves into what you need to know for dashboard coding (assuming you have some familiarity with HTML and Javascript): Click here to register for your session of interest.


How to participate?

  1. Submit your idea to the NXP FreeMASTER community using #freemasterdash in the title by June 19, 2020.
  2. Link to your idea post in the comments section below within this blog and include your board preference (choose from the MX RT1020 EVK, LPC55S28 development board and S32K144EVB). Boards will be provided on a first come, first served basis until quantities are depleted. Please note: Your final code submission is not limited to the above boards, but can use any Kinetis, LPC, i.MX RT, S32K, S12Z or other supported 32-bit MCUs.
  3. Once you’ve created your code example, post a brief description and a screenshot of your dashboard along with a ZIPped code to this blog comment thread below. Be sure to:
  1. Keep each dashboard code as simple as possible so it serves as a good reference design.
  2. Please only post code that you are ok with others using. Be sure to acknowledge all sources and include licenses as needed! We'd prefer you to avoid code under GNU licenses and this may limit what community members can do with it. All official ‘terms of use’ apply.

What we'd like to see in your design:

  • Define an HTML page which runs in a standalone Chrome browser or embedded in FreeMASTER view switched to Chromium mode. This is a requirement!
  • Make use of JSON-RPC wrapper component as demonstrated in FreeMASTER Lite or described in FreeMASTER 3.0 User Guide section 6.8.2
  • Demonstrate use of graphical HTML5 widgets from vendors including (but not limited to) jqWidgets, Google, PrimeUI, Plotly.js. You can also write your own, but please only use these if you are prepared to share.
  • Create one or more demonstration dashboards (one dashboard = one HTML page), showing use of at least one widget (see some widget ideas below)


Additional suggestions (not required!):

  • Use the out-of-box FreeMASTER example application and its "var16", "var32" and other variables running on any Kinetis, LPC, i.MX RT, S32K, S12Z or other supported 32-bit MCU.
  • Angular or linear gauge (different to the one we already provide in the NXP examples) to visualize variable values
  • Sliders, knobs or other controls for variable value modification
  • Interactive graph components showing variable values in time
  • Push buttons, input fields, table grids for variable value control

We look forward to hearing your creative ideas!


*Development boards are available on a first come, first served basis until quantities are depleted. The board itself is free, however recipients will be responsible for shipping charges; shipping charges may vary by country.