Possible to write *.bin to specified adress at HCS08?

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Possible to write *.bin to specified adress at HCS08?

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I'm pretty new in NXP/freescale µC world. 

My problem is updating a MC9S08AW60 which is part of an controll unit. The update is a binary file which needs to be flashed from 0x870-0x106F.

I'm able to read flash with USBDM interface and also to write the same file back. So the hardware connection is not my problem. But I'm not able to flash this update file because USBDM reports me error "Program data not within target flash memory".

Can anyone tell me any (simple) alternative programm and programmer, which can be used to flash this binary file to my microcontroller?

Thanks so much!



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Hi Chris,


I believe you are receiving this error because a bin file doesn’t encode the address so it will need to be converted to a s19 file. To do this you have a couple options. 


First, PEmicro offers a free utility that will convert your bin file to a s19 file which is located on their website in the Support\Documentation &Downloads\Utility\BIN2S19. I have attached a screenshot of what your command line should look like once you download the application. 


A second option would be to download OBJCOPY which is a standard GCC tool to convert your bin file to a s19 file.


PEMicro does offer two hardware options that support the MC9S08AW60 microcontroller and will be able to program any valid flash range within this part given a s19 file. Both the Multilink Development Debug Probe as well as the Cyclone Stand-Alone Programmer have these capabilities. Hope this information is close to what you are looking for!


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


I am not sure that I got properly your question

You have a project already loaded on the S08AW device and now you need to update this program, right? 

You can do it using a bootloader if you have one on the device, if you do not have a bootloader on the device I believe this is no possible.



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