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Connecting floating point type to project

Question asked by Evgeni Kosakovski on Jul 31, 2020
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I am working with IAR and Kinetis TWR-K21 development board,1024KB Flash, 128KB RAM.

When a function is called, which contains variables of float type, HardFault_Handler occurs. When studying this topic, I realized that I did not have a CMSIS connected (floating-point definition). After I connected the core_hm4.h file, which describes the floating-point, the function began to work, but variables of the float type in Watch show an error. 

I have examples with fsl_... drivers that work with float type without any problems. I can't use this project example as a template because I don't use fsl_.. drivers. I am using my own drivers.

Is there any specific way to connect to the IAR project the CMSIS instead of connecting core_hm4.h file? (via General Options-> Library Configuration CMSIS does not work), or need to build a project from scratch with any specific definition?