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R&D work to replace MK10DN32VFM5 with MK10DX32VFM5

Question asked by Jakob Riis Employee on Jul 7, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2020 by Jing Pan

So I understand that N stand for No-Flex Flash Memory and X stands for Flex Flash Memory.

The X version has a dual Flash bank (2*32kB) and can be firmware updated in the field – swapping between the 2 banks.

Could you please confirm that the first 32KB memory will be the same – so it can be used as a replacement.

Some details:

MK10DN32VFM5: Kinetis K10: 50MHz Cortex-M4 Performance MCU, 32KB Flash, 8KB SRAM, 32-QFN

MK10DX32VFM5: Kinetis K10: 50MHz Cortex-M4 Performance MCU, 64KB Flash, 8KB SRAM, 32-QFN

If  MK10DX32VFM5 is not a drop in replacement with MK10DN32VFM5 then please describe the R&D effort it take to do the replacement?

This request is comming since the avalibility on MK10DX32VFM5 is better than MK10DN32VFM5.