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choosing the right code development studio for MCS9S12XDT256CAG

Discussion created by Yaprak Ayazoglu on Apr 13, 2009
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I'm using the chip MC9S12XDT256CAG. It is the HCS12 series with 256K flash memory and I need to buy a software licence for it. I've searched in the website for the suitable licence. I gave the link below:




I looked about the meanings of the licences. There is somthing that I do not understand, on the list of licences. I write my question below:


for example :




CWA: means annual licence

FL: means floating licence. All of the computers connected to a server can run the computers. 

BAS2STD: means from basic to standart licence upgradable.


What should I understand about licence that is upgradable from basic to standart? I'm buying a licence for the first time and I'm planning to buy a standart licence. If I buy this licence does it mean that I can use this licence both for the basic one and the standart one?


Can you help me about this problem please?