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Anyone using M52259DEMOKIT???

Question asked by Rich Testardi on Mar 23, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2009 by BOB KOHAN

Hi all,


I'm desperate for a bit of info from a working M52259DEMOKIT/CW7.1 connection.


My problem is described here:


Basically, since installing some other versions of CW, I believe, I can no longer talk from my PC to the OSBDM on the DEMOKIT.  The DEMOKIT presents a VID/PID that does not exist in any inf file of the system:



 And I am wondering if I have a HW issue or a SW issue...


If someone has a working M52259DEMOKIT, could you tell me what the "Device Instance Id" for its USB device (Possibly listed under LibUSB -> Turbo BDL Light?) is?  You can find it on the device Properties -> Details page.


Then, for extra credit , if you could tell me which inf file in c:/windows/inf matches this, than maybe I can get my system restored to the earlier state where the OSBDM (mostly) worked.


Thank you for any clues!!!


-- Rich