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Freemaster http IoT

Discussion created by Sebastian Prengel on Dec 10, 2019
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I want to access a MCU with Freemaster over the internet. The MCU communicates via CAN bus with the Freemaster host application and is traveling in a "vehicle". I already managed to connect with a second WIN PC via the Freemaster Remote HTTP Server.

Now I want to use OpenWRT + CAN bus dongle + software to replace the second WIN PC. Unfortunately I can not find any documentation about the packing of the raw Freemaster CAN messages into the HTTP POST frame. Attached you can find a wireshark log and the output of the Freemaster Communication Debug Log.

The task is to implement the Freemaster Remote HTTP Server in linux (with limited resources / target system has OpenWrt 32MB ram & 16MB flash).


Hope someone from NXP can support this or someone can help me to analyse the translation from CAN messages to HTTP