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i.MX8 Wake-On-LAN feature

Question asked by ajithpv on Oct 21, 2019
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I'm trying to enable Wake-On-LAN feature in i.MX8 platform. The Yocto sumo BSP is based on the Linux kernel 4.14.62.

Currently, I have enabled the Wake-On-LAN with the magic packet on the i.MX8 platform.

I'm using Ubuntu PC with "etherwake" utility for sending the magic packet.

I have followed the below procedure:

  1. Set the Host PC (Ubuntu 14.04) with etherwake or wakeonlan utility ready for sending the magic packet.
  2. Enabled Wake-On-LAN with the magic packet on i.MX8 platform.
  3. Enabled Ethernet as the wake source.
  4. Use mem command to put the i.MX8 to suspend (i.e. suspend to RAM)
  5. Send the magic packet from the HOST PC and is shows packet sent successfully.
  6. But, the i.MX8 didn't wake-up!


Am I missing anything? Could anyone help me to confirm, whether i.MX8 with 4.14.62 kernel have Wake-On-LAN feature supported?