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i.MX7 Evaluation - Known Working Configuration for Android

Question asked by Adwait Patil on Jul 25, 2019
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I wanted to evaluate Android on the i.MX7Dual Sabre evaluation board and it's LCD panel (LCD8000-43T).


Is there a know software configuration (Android demo release) that works out the box?

By 'works out of the box' I mean that the Android UI should be displayed on the a monitor, without requiring any additional configuration or build.


I ask this because I recently purchased i.MX7ULP evaluation kit (MCIMX7ULP-EVK) and it's MIPI DSI display (TFT3P5581-T). But when I flash the Android P9.0.0_2.2.0 prebuilt image from NXP, I don't see any thing on the display. Furthermore, there is no display using standard HDMI monitors either. This might be because this is a relatively new board and the software release is also recent and some things might not be implemented or may be buggy. I have raised a support ticket to NXP regarding this.


So can someone tell me about their experience with i.MX7Dual Sabre + Android BSP image.

If you have a known working configuration then please let me the following details:

-The exact Android release that is known to be working (link will be appreciated).

-The display that was used (HDMI or LCD).

-Whether touch support (for LCD) worked out of the box.

-Any boot-loader configuration that may be required or useful.



Thanks a lot.