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why s32k116 partion RAM will reset without in debug mode

Question asked by jinshuai xu on Jul 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2019 by Jorge Antonio Alcala Vazquez


       Just as the saying goes, it is always difficult to understand new things.Now ,l meet a problem difficult to solve.

       When l want partion S32K116 RAM ,l find in debug mode, the program is narmal.But without in debug mode,the program run is not naomal and the s32k116 chip reset always.

        l have use the s32k144 and s32k146 two years,l did not meet this problem .

        I think maybe scrip file"S32K1xx_flash.ld" what l setted is wrong.but l  do not know which wrong .l have submitted the problem several days ago,but it did not resolved.the link isHOW to partition S32K116 RAM 

       Now, I  will  instruction the problem detailed .

        In debug mode, l  initialize RAM1  area  variable ,the project run sucess.In not debug mode,when the project run to set RAM1 area variable (  RAM1_TEST1=1;), the chip will reset. just as bellow:


     l think the question is l have setted "S32K1xx_flash.ld" file wrong.please tell how to set "S32K1xx_flash.ld".

the memory setting as follow.



in project ,I add define as bellow

#define SRAM1_STRORG __attribute__ ((section(".SRAM1"))) /* 8k */


#define SRAM1_STRORGL_UINT16 SRAM1_STRORG uint16_t
#define SRAM1_STRORGL_INT16 SRAM1_STRORG int16_t
#define SRAM1_STRORG_UINT32 SRAM1_STRORG uint32_t


l have upload the project ,please reselve my questing,thank you.