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LPC54018 + SDRAM W9864G6KH has problem

Question asked by Jun Zhang on May 29, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2019 by soledad

On LPC54S018-EVK board, its schematics uses W9812G6JB SDRAM, but on actual board, it's IS42S16800 SDRAM. In source code it still uses W9812G6JB configuration. I want to know if W9812G6JB actually bring up on this board? or W9812G6JB has problem, so in later product board, SDRAM is changed to use ISSI chip?


Now I use W9864G6KH SDRAM on LPC54018 board, configuration using SDRAM_DEV_MEMORYMAP (0x05u) and try  SDRAM_MODEREG_VALUE with (0x33u), (0x23), (0x233), but all has problem, it occur as below:

1. when I fill memory with memset(), all memory can be filled correctly.

2. when I use memcpy() to copy data from .data sector to SDRAM, Data in SDRAM always is wrong.

3. I use a loop-mode, to read ulong from .data sector and write to SDRAM. If I use step mode one by one via emulator, the data in SDRAM is also correct. But if I run directly, data in SDRAM still is wrong.


Please share your comments, thank you in advance!