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Latest yocto version(Yocto 2.7) support

Question asked by Sedat Altun on May 28, 2019
Latest reply on May 30, 2019 by Pavel Chubakov

I need to compile the macsec userspace application named "hostapd" and "wpa-supplicant" for t2080rdb board.

I tried to use latest yocto version 2.7 (warrior) with the meta-freescale recipes to build this application.

My yocto version is 2.7 and meta-freescale branch is warrior or master. 

But during bitbake build I got an nonsense error while compiling glibc, 

My first question is does nxp still compatible with latest yocto versions? 

If it is not compatible how can I build an specific application with using flex-build?

Any help is appreciated.