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Question asked by Koorosh Hajiani on Jan 20, 2019
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my target is S32K144. I HAVE TWO BOARDS :


BOARD1 is a PCB representing our production board which has LIN among a whole host of other peripherals.

I've integrated the Master LIN demo in my project .using the scope  I can tell I'm getting some kind of a signal consisting of breaks+sync+id+ data .

I also have a tool that shows the traffic on the bus. there is this message with ID 0X30 and DATA of 0XFD KEEPS SHOWING UP EVERY 5 MS(the rate that the  LIN task runs in my code).



BOARD2 an S32k144 eval board is flashed by the LIN slave mode demo example code.


When I connect the 2 board nothing happens I'll keep getting same packet(ID 0X30 and DATA of 0XFD) as before , no LED turns on/off.

I am not a LIN expert by any means.

The LIN pins are tied together and there's a common ground.

Was wondering do I need to have Master changing some variable on its side to get something changing?


Please help.


Koorosh Hajiani