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Rapid IOT not detected by Android App. ?

Question asked by Herve Saint-Jalmes on Nov 17, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2018 by Herve Saint-Jalmes


I just obtain one Rapid IOT kit and everything seems to be ok on the kit side (BLE, temperature, ...).

If I check the bluetooth devices seen by my phone (ASUS Z00AD, Android 6.0.1), the IOT is seen (cf. RapidBLE detected by my Phone.png).

I installed the NXP Rapid IOT 1.2.0 app. on my phone, but I am not able to detect the IOT kit (RapidBLE not detected by NXP app.png). I tried many times, and resetted the IOT without success...


Have you any clue ?

Thank you for any help or suggestion you might have.