Sylvain Sevel

Rapid IoT kit not booting?

Discussion created by Sylvain Sevel Employee on Aug 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2019 by Hans Volbeda

If you just received your NXP Rapid IoT prototyping kit (part number: SLN-RPK-NODE), it is fresh out of the factory. We just found out that some of the first units produced are not booting properly, so your kit may be affected


If your kit does not start, it can be fixed with a simple reset to factory default. Follow the “Wireless/KW41Z MCU firmware recovery” procedure: keep SW2 button pressed, while resetting the unit (push pin in reset hole on the back)

For further details, check page 107 of the Rapid IoT User’s Guide


Everything will be back to normal after that reset.

Have fun prototyping!