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Where is the Unique ID of MPC5744P&MPC5748G?

Question asked by Martin Zhang on Oct 31, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by David Tosenovjan

Dear NXP Team,

I find out Unique ID(UID) in document RM of MPC5744P. But I still have some question about UTEST&UID:


1. How can I identify the chip, MPC5744P/MPC5748G? Is it UID on UTEST flash of MPC5744P/MPC5748G? Is it global unique chip id?


2. Can UID of MPC5744P on UITest change?

RM says the UID on UTEST flash is programmed during factory test. Can the UTEST flash be programmed by user or programmer after leaving factory?(see figure1)


3. Where is the UID description of MPC5748G? 

I can just find the location of UTEST flash of MPC5748G. Do you have more document about how to identify the details?



Figure1 UTEST flash memory map description of MPC5744P


Figure2 UTEST Memory Map description of MPC5748G