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Simulations Work, Debug Fails: No source available for "0xFFFF (0xFFFF)() "

Question asked by Yonathan Foto on Oct 23, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2018 by vicentegomez



I am using a MC9S08PL16 (CTJ) and codewarrior 11 (also tested on codewarrior 10.7). I have wrote a simple program to blink an LED. This program runs and performs successfully when testing in "Full Chip Simulation" but when testing on an actual unit the program turns on the LED but does not blink. 


When I try to debug the program I receive the error: No source available for "0xFFFF (0xFFFF)() " 

* Note: this error also happens when debugging a blank template program generated by codewarrior. 


When I look at the disassembly at 0xFFFF it shows: unable to retrieve disassembly data from backend


OxFFFF should host the reset interrupt vector which is properly defined. The setting up of the reset interrupt vector is defined by codewarrior and it looks correct.


Very similar to this problem: S08 Debug (Pause) No source available for "0xFFFF (0xFFFF)()" 

Please help me solve this problem!!!