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frdmk64f ewm driver example gives HardFault when configuring PTE24 to EWM_Out

Question asked by Kevin Novinger on Aug 31, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2018 by Kevin Novinger

I'm playing with the EWM driver example provided with the FRDMK64 SDK for MCUXpresso.  The example itself runs fine, but i'm trying to map EWM_Out.  I've used MCUXpresso's Pin Tool to generate the code to configure PTE24 to EWM_Out and copy/pasted the generated code into the respective pin_mux.c/.h files included in the board folder of the frdmk64f_ewm project.  The project builds fine, but when i run the debugger it halts at the HardFault_Handler.  When stepping thru the code, prior to halt, it appears the fault occurs when attempting to configure PTE24.  Specifically when the PCR is configured in the Port_SetPinMux function.




Here is the code generated by Pin Tools...


pin_mux.h **************

/*! @name PORTE24 (number 31), J2[20]/U8[4]/I2C0_SCL
@{ */
#define BOARD_INITPINS_ACCEL_SCL_PORT PORTE /*!<@brief PORT device name: PORTE */
#define BOARD_INITPINS_ACCEL_SCL_PIN 24U /*!<@brief PORTE pin index: 24 */
/* @} */


pin_mux.c **************


/* PORTE24 (pin 31) is configured as EWM_OUT_b */




I have not changed anything else from the default EWM configuration set in the driver example.


I read something in the K64 Reference Manual about "The pad state is controlled by the EWM_Out signal only after the EWM is enabled by the EWMEN bit of the CTRL register."  I don't know if this is just information or if it means the IO pin cannot be configure to EWM_Out until after EWM is enabled.  In the driver example, the IO pin is configured prior to EWM being enabled.


Am I missing a configuration parameter or sequence somewhere?