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T1042D4RDB ASPM Support

Question asked by Tyler Bush on Aug 24, 2018
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I have a question regarding the Active State Power Management support on the T1042D4RDB. In the QorIQ T1040RM, page 1526 (link capabilities register), it shows for ASPM support only two options: 


01      L0s entry supported

11      L0s and L1 entry supported


Does this mean that disabling ASPM is not possible? I've tried to write to this ASPM 2-bit field unsuccessfully via PEX_CONFIG_ADDR/PEX_CONFIG_DATA. The PCIe  spec states "Root Complexes are required to participate in Link power management DLLP protocols initiated by a Downstream device" this why L0s entry must be supported, at a minimum? If L0s entry is supported, does that mean that the RC (T1042) is able to detect idle and go into a low power state (L0s), or only that it supports requests from an EP to do the same?


The analyzer I'm using shows the bus going from L0 to recovery and back, and I'm looking for the cause (suspecting an ASPM situation). This appears to only happen when I change the bus speed (via the EP) to PCIe Gen 2 (5.0GT/s). 


Thank you