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Problem with PE Universal Multilink and 9S08PA8

Question asked by Eric Bryan on Jul 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2018 by ZhangJennie

Been using CodeWarrior for years and several boards with 9S08 (usually the PA8 variant).  Did a project and had the customer purchase the new Universal Multilink as the old BDM Multilink (redish brown box) is no longer available.  They couldn't connect and program the boards.   I gave them mine to get by  and brought the new universal back.   I also had another universal that I had purchased and never used.   I couldn't get either of them to work with known good (or at least programmable) boards.  In the debug environment, it doesn't go to program by default when you go to the debug perspective.  When you force a flash, it tries to measure frequency (I think it gets it wrong) and then fails the erase.  I've played with every setting I can find.   About to go use the debugger built into a dev board to be able to get some stuff done but there has to be a solution to this.   If nothing else, tell me what other debugger to buy so we can move forward.  Using the free version of CW 10.7.