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Do Meissa-I eSOMiMX6-micro(developed by e-con systems) support plymouth?

Question asked by gvsreddy on Mar 1, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by gvsreddy

Q1.  Is there any way to change the splash screen(which comes while autobooting) with custom image(.bmp format)?


Q2.  If the above question is possible I want to display the animation image in place .bmp format image. I know plymouth supports animation images in Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Debian etc. and also I have read some where plymouth required graphic drivers. so is it possible to change splash screen using plymouth?


By default Meissa-I board boots from eMMC so where should I modify in order to change splash screen. I searched for bmp format images using find command but I cannot find any. Do I have to mount eMMC mmblk0p1 to change bmp image?


If anyone knows a way please help me in changing the splash screen.


Thank You

SubbaReddy GV