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Kinetis K64 UART0 Baud Issue ?

Question asked by Designer11 on Jan 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2018 by Designer11

Hi All,


I'm facing with a really bizarre issue related to UART0 on the K64 microcontroller, and i don't know whether the issue is related to baud rate being shifted after letting UART0 idle (no Tx/Rx command). 


The issue only happened after letting UART0 idle for a minute or 2, but doesn't happen on power up or after a reset.  It will send the correct commands after the initial junk command is sent to the target receiver. 


For instance, if i tell  UART0 to send the following command string 81 01 04 07 25 FF to a target system after letting UART0 idle (without sending any command) for a minute or two, it will send out this string of command 60 40 D0 50 D2 to the target system instead.  After the junk command is sent,  it will send the correct command if i tell it to send the same command. 


I've looked at memory location where the data is held, and the data content is valid.


I'm using processor expert to generate the UART0 Tx code

Setting: polling 8N1

baud: 9600


Thank you very much in advance.