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Sample Code or Peripheral Library for MKE04Z128

Question asked by xpress_embedo on Jan 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2018 by xpress_embedo

Hello Everyone,

I am using MKE04Z128VLH4 micro-controller, and unfortunately I am not able to use GPIO's that are not GPIOB, I am getting compiler error.

I downloaded "FRDM-KEXX Driver Library Package" and used one of its project based on KE04 series on IAR.

Earlier I did the same thing for KE02 and it works properly.

The strange problem which I can understand is that the library doesn't support various things for this particular controller, I maybe wrong but please help me to understand this.


In file MKE04Z4.h, the following code is there.

/* GPIO - Peripheral instance base addresses */
/** Peripheral GPIOA base address */
#define GPIOA_BASE (0x400FF000u)
/** Peripheral GPIOA base pointer */
#define GPIOA ((GPIO_Type *)GPIOA_BASE)
/** Array initializer of GPIO peripheral base pointers */
#define GPIO_BASES { GPIOA }


which clearly tells me that there is no GPIOB, but in this micro-controller there is, so definitely I am doing something wrong.

One thing I noticed while posting this question is that the header file name is MKE04Z4.h, so it's Z4 and my micro-controller is KE04Z128, which I am using wrong library.

Although I am able to turn on the pins on GPIOB, by changing few things in library, but i can't these things for all drivers.

So is there any sample code or library available for MKE04Z128 micro-controller available, so that I can take reference from there and start building my project.


Thanks in Advance