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PIL on Evaluation boards S12ZVM32EVB, S12ZVML12EVBLIN

Question asked by Maciek on Dec 1, 2017
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I have a question about possibility of using PIL on the boards mentioned in the topic. As I see from the schematics both have SCI1 signals routed to OSBDM and accessible from outside. But no SCI0 signals. 

Before I was experimenting with S12ZVML-MINIBRD which has the same configuration - only SCI1 is accessible via OSBDM. And using flash-programmed .rbf bootloader I wasn't able to establish communication with Simulink. I assumed that this is not possible because of the lack SCI0 channel.


But now I see the same problem with both other EVBs.

Did anyone use one of these boards with 'Build, Load and Run' option or in PIL simulaiton ?

If yes: how have You configured the communication options?

(this question is closely related to my earlier question about communication channel with MPC5643L using flash bootloader - .rbf file)





ps. if bootloader is able to communicate only via SCI0 - I need only confirmation of this fact (then I would know that PIL is not an option on this boards)