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Re-initializing CLK settings

Question asked by Sagar Dhavali on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2017 by Peter Vlna



We are working with MPC5744P. In the application we have configured the PLL0 to be 160 MHz and PLL1 to be 200 MHz and out SYSCLK is based on PLL1(200 MHz). When we work with just the application, we correct see the tasks executing periodically, meaning 10ms tasks are executed every 10ms.


But, when we work with bootloader and the application, the see that the tasks executing at a different rate, meaning 10ms tasks are executed every 6.5ms. I believe clock settings are different in bootloader.



Is there any way that we can re-initialize properly the clock setting in application? We are though initializing the correct settings that we want but I think it is not taking any effect. So, I was wondering if we can do at anytime? If we can, how would that be done?


Please note that, we don't access to bootloader as it is delivered by our supplier. I could ask them but I would like to have an option to change them in the application as well.


Thanks in advance.