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SDADC sample number of MPC5775k

Question asked by junyi Shen on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2017 by junyi Shen

We can set the number of sample(256,I set)in a chirp in the SPT module, and then we can set the number of chirp(128,I set) in a frame. This means that when SPT.GBL_STATUS.B.FRM_ACQ_DONE is set, we should adopt 256*128 data,  but only the actual 128*208 data, if I increase the value of sample, the effective numerical maximum of only 208.


What's even more puzzling is that I reduce the value of sample, the number of actual sampling points will also be reduced, not the value of sample I set, of course, the actual value has been a multiple of 8.


What's wrong with this? How do I fix it?