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IMX6 - EIM/DDR3 interface

Question asked by vijesh reddy on May 29, 2017
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I am new to linux,I am using Phyboard MIRA iMX6. My application is to read data from external SRAM and load it in DDR3 and process it.

We are using EIM module of iMX6 to read/write data from FPGA SRAM with chipselect 0, 16 address and datalines (multiplexed),read, write signals for this interface. 1GB DDR3 RAM is connected via MMDC.  I have gone through iMX6 data available on Internet and understood the following,  1. EIM Module should be enabled by doing the required pin muxing. 2. Address range of CS0 can be configured in the pin muxing itself. 3. A simple memory read/write functions supported by linux can be used to read and write the external memory.  Please clarify whether the above statements or valid, if not what is the usual method of accessing a memory over EIM Module. If you have any application note or sample code on EIM, please provide it will be very helpful for us.

Also how to create buffers in DDR3 ram. I want to create 3 buffers of size   128KB each starting from some fixed location.

Thanks in advance.