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LPCXpresso IDE Pro Edition technical support: is LPCOpen part of this?

Question asked by Andrea Bettati on Mar 6, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by Andrea Bettati

Hi to you all,
I'm writing firmware for the LPC4370 (evaluated on a Link-2), but since I'm having lot of troubles I'm considering buying some support. In the purchase page I read:

Technical support: one year of email ticket-based support from NXP engineers on the use of LPCXpresso IDE (in addition to free forum-based support)

Is some kind of LPCopen support included?
For example, using LPC4370 I found:

  • Missing support for certain peripherals (e.g. the ADCHS in the GPDMA drivers)
  • Broken examples

I've spent lot of time on the internet trying to fix this things, but now its time for me to speed things up: is there a way to get support (paying of course) from NXP regarding this kind of problems?