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OM25180FDK PCB Files (PNEV5180B v2)

Question asked by Massana Jaime on Jan 16, 2017

I have buyed the starter Kit OM25180FDK, and i want to do the same antena 65x65 mm, but to have the same exact values  (impedance, etc...) I want to find the PCB files of this board (PCB or gerber files). Can show me, some people, where can i found it, please? I have the schematic, and a PDF with the print of the PCB layer by layer, but i want the PCB documentation, to duplicate with the perfect dimensions. 




UPDATED: every one can get it from this link:

Dropbox - PN5180 CustEvalBoard_PNEV5180_V20.rar - Simplify your life 

If the link is down, please sendme a email to upload.



Thank's for your time.

Jaime Massana