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i.MX6DL Android gpu-viv driver update

Question asked by Wayne Kuo on Jan 13, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2017 by Wayne Kuo

Hi all,


Our customer is facing a issue while use i.MX6DL + Android 6.0.1 Kernel 3.14 for their product.


While the app running, sometimes the LVDS will hand and show up the following logs (more details please see the attachment):
   [71484.964912] [galcore]: GPU[0] hang, automatic recovery.
   [71484.970228] [galcore]: recovery done


I check the source code, the log is from ../drivers/mxc/gpu-viv/ driver.
I found a community thread has the similar issue, seems update Kernel may solve the issue.

GPU hang 


However, customer is not allowed to upgrade bsp or Kernel right now.
Do NXP have gpu-viv driver update or patch for Kernel 3.14 to solve the issue?

Any suggestion?


Best Regards,
Wayne Kuo

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