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Jlink GDB server waiting for connection (KDS MacOS)

Question asked by Maxime Dolberg on Dec 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2017 by ZhangJennie

Hi guys,


Even if already use KDS on a Windows virtual machine, I downloaded and installed KDSv3 for MacOS (I am still running Yosemite). IDE work, it compile and import SDKv2 also very well. But I (and this is why I am here )  cannot launch debugger with JLink because KDS return me errors :


So I take a look in debug configuration and I noticed that C/C++ Application text box have other parameters set by default (see greyed part in the picture below) : 


So I removed the greyed part but the Launching windows stuck at 99% of loading (see picture). I am using JLink EDU version. 


Jlink block at 99%



After that, I have to force quit KDS even if I do a cancel request.


Here is what the console returned :

SEGGER J-Link GDB Server V5.10n Command Line Version


JLinkARM.dll V5.10n (DLL compiled Feb 19 2016 18:41:43)


-----GDB Server start settings-----
GDBInit file:                  none
GDB Server Listening port:     2331
SWO raw output listening port: 2332
Terminal I/O port:             2332
Accept remote connection:      localhost only
Generate logfile:              off
Verify download:               on
Init regs on start:            on
Silent mode:                   off
Single run mode:               on
Target connection timeout:     0 ms
------J-Link related settings------
J-Link Host interface:         USB
J-Link script:                 none
J-Link settings file:          none
------Target related settings------
Target device:                 MKL17Z256xxx4
Target interface:              SWD
Target interface speed:        1000kHz
Target endian:                 little


Connecting to J-Link...
J-Link is connected.
Firmware: J-Link V9 compiled Sep  1 2016 18:29:50
Hardware: V9.30
S/N: 269306789
Feature(s): FlashBP, GDB
Checking target voltage...
Target voltage: 3.29 V
Listening on TCP/IP port 2331
Connecting to target...Connected to target
Waiting for GDB connection...

J-Link is recognized but seem that GDB is waiting for a connection (?)