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Interfacing MPC5566 with External Memory

Question asked by Shraddha Nagle on Nov 11, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2016 by Shraddha Nagle

I am trying to interface external memory with MPC5566. The program works fine with the external debugger attached but crashes when attempting to boot from internal flash in release mode. Based on some research, it seems that since the debugger uses some scripts to initialize MMU and other registers while bypassing BAM, the code works fine. There are some posts which suggest that similar initialization needs to be manually done when booting from internal flash. However, I am not able to identify all the changes that need to be made and which files need to be modified for the same. Some code pertaining to MPC5566DEMO_AXM_0321 is not executed (since this board is not used) in the following functions:



I have tried to add some code based on that provided for MPC5566DEMO_AXM_0321 replacing values with those specified in the debug script but with no success.


Any help in this regard would be sincerely appreciated. It would be great if some links or sample code is provided for step-by-step interfacing with external memory.


Thanks in advance.