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Watchdog configuration in MKMxxZxxACxx5RM

Question asked by David Martinez on Oct 25, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by Martin Mienkina

Hi, i am trying to do working the Watchdog Timer in a microcontroller of the family MKMxxZxxACxx5RM. The driver libraries which i am using is KM128SWDRV_R4_0_0_CW.
Currently my clock configuration is:


/* clock mode 1:1:1, 24MHz */



At first, i was using the test example of the libraries.


/* Watchdog timeout is of 1.5 sec approximately */



It's watched that the code didn't jump to reset, so i started investigate about it. The registers seem be all right except the register of timeout. It's been seen that it doesn't count. I think the clock sign doesn't arrive to the Watchdog but i don't know the reason.



If someone can help me, i will be greatful.
Thanks for advance ;-)