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Freemaster 2.0.2 problem with transformed variables

Question asked by agostino facotti on Sep 23, 2016
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I faced a problem with Freemaster 2.0.2 using transformed variables.


The FMSTR project used is attached. I use Freemaster ver. (comm.protocol v3+). The target is connected with a serial link.

You'll se two representation of the same variable (an ACC32 viewed as INT32): the first is real-transformed and multiplied by 3.051758e-5 to ease reading/writing; the last is showed as DEC.


Steps causing the error are the following: i try to write a number (e.g. "9" or something decimal "9.1") to the real-transformed variable and Freemaster says "Could not translate value back to its raw format" (see image no.2).


But if I change the decimal-viewed variable all is ok: in the example i changed it from 327681 to 317681 and the real-transformed one correctly changed from "10" to "9.69486" (see image no.3).


I experienced the same error even with INT16 or Frac16 variable viewed as REAL.

Another point maybe linked: a project saved with the new Freemaster version is not able to be opened with the previous version (


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