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Low Frequency LVDS Pixel Clock

Question asked by MIKE SIMS on Sep 13, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2018 by Ken Altschuler



I am trying to interface a 480x272 LCD to an I.MX6DL over LVDS, but am running into problems with configuring the pixel clock in Linux.


The display I have requires a Pixel Clock of 9.5MHz, but I am unable to achieve rates below 20MHz.


Out of the box, it seems Linux wants to use PLL2_PFD0 which does not support pixel clocks below 33MHz or so.  Reading other comments on the Community site suggests using PLL5, but through experimentation, I cannot achieve rates below 18MHz.


I do see in other posts where others were seeking a similar objective, but I do not see any direct responses indicating the changes needed or patches required.


Has anyone configured a low frequency pixel clock on the i.mx6??   How can this be done???