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Freescale HCS08 using ROM_8000 as code memory

Question asked by Vikram Hande on Sep 7, 2016
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I am using freescale microcontroller mc9s08dz96, CodeWarrior development studio 10.2.


I started facing difficulty to program and debug since project code size has increased beyond 32K. I am using small memory model and till now I was able to keep my code in flash ROM_4000 & ROM_C000. To accommodate some more code I want to use flash ROM_8000 portion of memory.


When I tried to use ROM_8000 in small memory model, I faced following issues.


 1. I could not program the .s19 file on target correctly. I am using PE Micro usb multilink interface.

2. I could not debug the code. Due to some problem in copydown segment in startup,c, It was looping back/reseting to start location.


What is the correct way to use the flash memory ROM_8000 so that I can program and debug project using CodeWarrior studio?