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clarification needed regarding the TWR board(SCH 26185)

Question asked by senthil vel on Sep 7, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2016 by Robin_Shen

hello team ,

We are trying to send some data via the RS232 port using the UART peripheral. In the schematics (SCH 26185) it shows that the RS232 port is attached to UART 1 but while initializing the UART 1 if we give the base address of UART 1 (4006_B000h) as provided in the K70 Sub-Family Reference Manual it is not working . However it works when we give the base address of UART 2(4006_C000h). We suspect that UART 2 is only connected and there seems to be TYPO in the schematics.


Can you please confirm which UART (UART 1 or UART 2) is connected to RS232? I have attached the relevant section of the schematics.


Also in our project we need to use UART0 are there any procedure to use UART0 to transmit and receive the data?