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MPC5553MZP132 Power down sequence

Question asked by Carl Joubert Employee on Jul 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2016 by David Tosenovjan

I am looking at the power down sequence paragraph 3.7.3 of the MPC5553 data sheet and I would like to request clarification, to understand the power down sequence requirement.


In our application VRC33 is hardwired to GND.

VDD =1.5V and VDDSYN =3.3V


When I remove 5 VDC which generates the 3.3V and the 1.5V I get an output glitch on 10 different pins which are expected to stay low during power down.

These pins are ADDR13, ADDR12, ADDR11, ADDR10, ADDR9, ADDR8, CS3, CS2, CS1 AND CS0.


When the unexpected low to high glitch occurs on these outputs the voltages are as follows:


VDD = 1.5V


5V = 3.3V


Should my VDDSYN be below 2.0V when we produce a RESET?