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Not working _ emWin 5.14 BSP version 1.0 for MCB1700 (EMWIN514-MCB1700-BSP)

Question asked by kapuzzze on Jun 30, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by Kerry Zhou



for the MCB1700 from Keil with LPC1768 and LCD-TFT 240x320 pixel color graphics display, i tried to compile and flash the BSP bellow. To compile the project without errors, i have to set the compiler to GNU C90 standard. After flashing the project to the eval board, the program hangs in an infinite loop in the gui delay loop. After fixing this behavior, the code was still not able to show any picture on the display.

Does anyone have a hint, what i have to change? I also tried to adapt a version from Keil to use in LPCOpen IDE, but the result was the same. I am even not able to print a simple "hello world" with the emWin library.


Thanks a lot for your support!



emWin 5.14 BSP version 1.0 for MCB1700 (REV 5.14)

emWin 5.14 BSP version 1.0 for MCB1700.

ZIP  (11.2 MB) EMWIN514-MCB1700-BSP