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S9KEAZN8AMFK Exposed Pad Connection Problems

Question asked by 忠尧 赵 on Jun 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2016 by 忠尧 赵


   I am use FRDM-KEAZ128Q80 as OpenOCD debugger, and it works well on a S9KEAZ128AMLH chip. but when I try to debug a S9KEAZN8AMFK mcu ,It doesn't work. It can't reconize the mcu.

  I have connected the Exposed Pad to the ground, I searched the <KEA8 Sub-Family Reference Manual> but I don't found how to deal with the Exposed Pad.


My schematic has been attached. *Note that I have been conncted the Exposed Pad to the ground.

I tested the pin PTA5/RESET voltage is 2.8v , it is very strange. help me please .